My Favourite Cloud Storage Provider Doesn't Sync Reliably with the iOS Files App

Unfortunately some third party providers do not integrate well with iOS Files. Strongbox can only do it's part, which consists of requesting the latest data and asking the provider to update the data. All issues then stem from the third party not doing a good job on honouring these instructions. There are good, bad an ugly integrations. This article tries to catalog them. If your own favourite provider is not listed, please get in touch with your own experience so others can benefit from your knowledge.

Note that Strongbox also natively (i.e. not via the Files app) supports the following:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • iCloud
  • WebDAV
  • SFTP

Using these native methods often provides better and more reliable syncing. So check if your provider also supports WebDAV (Nextcloud is an excellent example!) or SFTP.

The Good

These storage/cloud providers appear to work really well via iOS Files. Always providing the latest data and faithfully honouring updates from Strongbox back to storage.

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • iCloud
  • OneDrive
  • pCloud (also supports WebDAV for paid users which you may find more reliable)
  • Samba/SMB shares (There are some reports that some devices don't work well with Samba, some routers in particular)

The Not So Good

The following providers are known to have issues. Some may work partially (e.g. OwnCloud/Sync) allow reads but not writes. Some may not keep any kind of sync in place, meaning even when Strongbox asks for the latest data it never gets it. A few like Nextcloud/Owncloud provide WebDAV as an alternative and that has proven to have excellent performance and reliability.

  • Cryptomator
  • MEGA
  • Nextcloud *
  • ownCloud *
  • Resilio Sync
  • Sync
  • Synology DS File ** (WebDAV/SFTP recommended)
  • Tresorit
  • QNAP / QFile
  • WD MyCloud
  • Termius (SSH Platform)
  • Cryptomator

 WebDAV is a great reliable alternative method of adding your database to Strongbox. More details here.
We provide a detailed article on using SFTP/WebDAV with your Synology NAS here.

What is to be done about these not so good providers?

The best thing you can do is contact your provider and ask them to improve their Files integration. Alternatively, see if they support WebDAV or SFTP. Strongbox natively supports this.

Please get in touch if you believe any of this is incorrect or has changed.

Mar 4, 2024