Sync Your Database With pCloud

Update 20 September 2022: pCloud have made WebDAV a paid feature so you may need to upgrade to use WebDAV.

Yes and WebDAV is the best method. There are apparently some issues related to pClouds integration with iOS Files.

Instructions for WebDAV

Simply tap + > Add Existing > WebDAV, then enter:

Name: pCloud (or your own preference)
URL: Please enter the pCloud WebDAV URL in the below format

Username: Account username.
Password: Account password.

You can then connect and locate your database.

Instructions for Files Method (Possibly Problematic)

pCloud has been requested a few times and you can do this via the Files app:

  • In Strongbox > Add Existing Database > Files > pCloud > Browse

NB: However there have been complaints about the integration by pCloud with people saying that their integration doesn't sync properly so you would need to be careful here.

Mar 4, 2024