Sync Your Database With Nextcloud or ownCloud (Without Using the “Files Method”)

There a 2 methods you can use. The iOS Files method and the WebDAV method. Both are described below. The main difference is that the WebDAV method seems to be a slightly more reliable sync, but a little slower. There appear to be some reported issues with the Nextcloud app’s integration with the iOS Files system which can sometimes mean sync is slow or breaks. So we always recommend WebDAV.

WebDAV Method
  1. Tap ‘+’ on the home screen
  2. Tap ‘Add Existing Database’
  3. Tap ‘WebDAV’
  4. Enter the WebDAV URL of your Nextcloud (see below for tips on finding this)
  5. Now you can navigate to your database and tap to select it

Finding your Nextcloud WebDAV URL
You can find the URL when you click on the small settings icon at the bottom left of your Nextcloud interface. It looks something like:

Sometimes it's easiest to see this address in the Root URL hint text.

iOS Files Method
  1. Install the Nextcloud App and Login to Nextcloud through it
  2. Go to iOS Files and open your database directly through Files > Locations > Nextcloud (as opposed to Files > Locations > On My iPhone > Nextcloud).
  3. On initial open a pop up will come up asking you to either ‘Edit in Place’ or ‘Make a Copy’.
  4. Choose ‘Edit in Place’.

If you make changes, and want to be sure of them syncing, you should open the Nextcloud app and head to the database location to verify the sync. This might not be necessary but if you’re worried you can verify the latest timestamp.

NB: that for ownCloud the steps below are very similar.

Troubleshooting Nextcloud WebDAV

Some users have reported issues caused by a delay in the Nextcloud server. You can find more details here:

Mar 4, 2024