Use Two Different Accounts for a Cloud Storage Provider

You can add databases from two different accounts with the same cloud storage provider (two different Dropbox accounts for example). To do this in the Strongbox app:

  1. Add the First Database:
    • Open Strongbox.
    • Choose "Add Existing."
    • Select your cloud storage provider.
    • Log in and select the database you want to add.
  2. Add the Second Database via iOS Files App:
    • Integrate your cloud drive's app with the Files app following Apple's instructions.
    • Open Strongbox.
    • Tap the "+" button.
    • Choose either "New Database" or "Add Existing."
    • Select "Files" from the list of storage locations.
    • Navigate to the location of your second database file.
    • Select the file to add it to Strongbox.

This allows you to access two different databases from the same cloud storage provider within the Strongbox app, one added directly through Strongbox and the other through the iOS Files app integration.

Mar 4, 2024