Sync With a Cloud Storage Provider That Isn’t on the List of Storage Locations (Using the “Files Method”)

If the cloud storage provider you want to use is not in the list of available storage locations, it should still be possible to use them to sync your database.

If your cloud storage provider offers an app that creates a sync folder anywhere on your Mac, then it should work with Strongbox. And in order to work with Strongbox on iPhone and iPad, they need to offer an iOS app that integrates with the iOS Files app.

For a list of the cloud storage providers that work best with the Files app on iPhone/iPad, see here.

To set up the sync on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Follow the instructions on Apple's support site to set up your cloud storage provider in the Files app
  2. Tap the + button in the Strongbox app
  3. Tap either New Database or Add Existing
  4. Select Files from the list of Storage locations
  5. Navigate to the location for your database

Supported Storage Providers - Files

To set up the sync on your Mac:

  1. Install the app for your cloud storage provider of choice on your Mac
  2. Click Add Database
  3. Click either Create New Database or Add from Files
  4. Navigate to the location for your database
Mar 4, 2024