I Can’t Create a New iCloud Database or I Deleted My iCloud Strongbox Folder

If you are seeing an error when creating a new iCloud database this is usually caused by deleting the built-in Strongbox folder on your iCloud Drive. This is a folder called 'Strongbox' with the Strongbox blue icon at the root of your iCloud Drive. You may have done this by accident, or simply don't remember. Or some kind of technical issue may have caused the folder to not be present. The errors are usually the below:

  • “Error Creating Database”
  • “Failed to create file”

Unfortunately deleting the Strongbox folder in your iCloud Drive causes problems. This is because Apple has provided no easy way to restore it). Sometimes, Strongbox can detect this and point you to this article for help.

While it's best not to delete the Strongbox App folders if you can help it at all, it can happen by accident. This isn't the easiest problem to solve, but some users reported that this can be fixed by following the steps below on your iOS device:

  1. Delete Strongbox from your device (backup any local databases you might have before you do this).
  2. Move any Strongbox databases from your iCloud drive to somewhere else, remove them from iCloud Drive.
  3. Go to your device settings and turn off iCloud drive
  4. Reinstall Strongbox
  5. Turn iCloud drive back on.
  6. Create a new test database

This should recreate the official Strongbox iCloud folder and should allow you to drop any older databases (from step 2) in there and have them be automatically picked up. You should also now be able to create a new iCloud database without issue.

Jul 25, 2023