Unlock With Apple Watch Doesn't Work

If you use the Unlock with Apple Watch feature on your database, the Apple Watch can sometimes fail to authenticate, meaning you have to enter your Master Password.

This can often be fixed by turning off this setting at the system level. To do this:

  1. Open the System Preferences app
  2. In the sidebar, select Touch ID & Password
  3. In the Apple Watch section on the right, turn off the setting for your Apple Watch
  4. Restart your Mac
  5. Repeat the steps above and turn the setting back on

If this doesn't help, the problem could be related to Focus modes, such as the Sleep Focus. This is a known issue with the Apple Watch and unfortunately not something we're able to fix. We hope this will be patched by Apple in a future watchOS update. The only known solution at the moment is to stop the watch from entering any Focus modes.

Jan 23, 2024