Move Your Database to a New Storage Location

Sometimes you might want to move an existing database from one storage location to another, such as from iCloud to OneDrive.

Your Strongbox database is a single file. You need to locate that file and then move or copy it to the new storage location. This is done outside of the Strongbox app. Afterwards you can add the database back to Strongbox from the new location.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Locate your database file (e.g. in iCloud Drive/Strongbox)
  2. Copy or move that file to the new storage location (e.g. OneDrive)
  3. Open the Strongbox app and remove the existing database
  4. Add the new database to the Strongbox app

We recommend copying your database file and then deleting the original version only once you're satisfied the new storage location has been set up successfully.

Mar 4, 2024