How do I import a database for local device use only (I don't want to use the cloud)

You can import a database for local use only in a number of ways:

  • Airdrop – This might open Strongbox immediately to Add, or you may have to select Strongbox from the list
  • Transfer over Local Network – Tap ‘+’ > ‘Add Existing…’ > ‘Transfer Over Local Network’ and follow the instructions on screen.
  • Email attachment (send an email to yourself with the database attached, and tap on the attachment, you’ll see an option to copy to Strongbox)
  • iOS “Files” App – You can copy it directly into Strongbox’s local documents (iOS Files > On My iPhone > Strongbox)
  • iTunes Files Sharing – You can copy directly to Strongbox’s local documents via iTunes File Sharing
  • URL – If you host the file on a web server you can have Strongbox copy locally from that URL. (Tap ‘+’ > ‘Add Existing…’ > ‘Copy From URL’)

Remember, if you are using a local database, it is stored only on the device. Any loss of that device could then mean catastrophic data loss. Be sure to make regular backups.