My Database is Missing From the App

If you can't find your database file, please see the steps below to attempt to locate it.

Strongbox allows you to choose where your database is stored. So the first step is to try to remember where you stored your database folder.

By default, new databases are stored inside the Strongbox folder at the root of iCloud Drive. If you don't remember where you stored your database, that's the first place to check.

Other places to search include:

  • Search in the Files app on your iPhone or iPad or in Finder on your Mac
  • Search in iCloud Drive on
  • Check the Data Recovery function on
  • Search all of your other cloud drive accounts––such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

If you stored the database locally only on your old iPhone or iPad, and have since lost access to that device or wiped its memory, then unfortunately the database will likely be lost.

Once you've located your database file, you can easily add it back to Strongbox.

Dec 4, 2023