I've lost or forgotten my master password. Can I access my database?

I’m afraid there is absolutely no way to get into your database without the master password.

Unless Biometric ID (Touch ID or Face ID) is still working to open your database. Even in this case, you should always know your master password in case of biometric failure. If you are using biometric id to open your database and you do not know the master password, it is critical that you at once change the master password to something you will not forget.

There is absolutely no email (“I forgot my password”) reset. This is by design. The security of the your database is paramount, and the only way it can be opened is with your master password.

If you have forgotten your password, I’m afraid there is nothing Strongbox support can do for you. Our only recommendation is to try to remember it. We wish you luck, and hope you understand the security design decision made here