AutoFill Passwords in Safari on iPhone/iPad

If you are using iOS12 or later, you can use Strongbox as and AutoFill provider. This means when you are asked to enter a password or username, you will be presented with a button that allows you to open Strongbox and find your password from within whatever app you are using, be it Safari or another app.This is the easiest, most secure and most streamlined way to use Strongbox on your iOS device.

To use AutoFill you need to enable it both at the System Level and at your Database Level. Let's cover them in turn:

System Level AutoFill

To make sure AutoFill works check the following:

  1. On your iOS Device, go to Settings > Passwords > AutoFill Passwords
  2. Make sure AutoFill passwords is turned on
  3. Make sure that under “Allow Filling From” section, Strongbox is ticked.

Now when you go to login in Safari (and other applications) and tap on a username or password entry field you will be presented with a ‘Passwords’ option on the keyboard. Tapping this you will be able to select ‘Strongbox’ from and from there open your database

Database Level

You can also enable/disable AutoFill from individual databases. Usually, when you first add a database, Strongbox will ask you if you'd like to enable this, but it is easy to miss, or you may change your mind. So to enable/disable AutoFill for an individual database, do the following:

  1. Unlock your Database
  2. Tap Database Settings (the gear icon in the top left of the screen)
  3. Tap AutoFill
  4. Database AutoFill > Toggle ON (or OFF)
Jun 4, 2024