Sharing a Database with Friends or Family on iCloud

Now that Apple allows you to share files on your iCloud you can set Strongbox up so that you can share a database with your friends or family. That is if you both use iCloud!

To get started, create a new database in Strongbox. It is recommended that you create this database in the native Strongbox iCloud folder. This folder has the Strongbox icon and resides in the root of your iCloud drive. Any databases you put in here will automatically appear and sync across your devices.

Create a new iCloud Database on your iPhone/iPad

NB: It is essential that you are logged into iCloud on your device and have enabled iCloud in Strongbox (Preferences > Cloud > Use iCloud)

1. Open Strongbox

2. Tap the '+' button in the top right corner

3. Tap 'New Database (Express)'

4. Enter a database name (e.g. My Shared Database) and a good master password.

5. Tap 'Create' - You're all set!

Your new database file will be placed in the Strongbox folder on iCloud and will be visible on all your devices (using the same Apple ID). The next thing you'll want to do is share it with someone!

Share your iCloud Database

NB: The pictures below show the Finder app on Mac being used to share the database but this can be done on the web using iCloud online, or on your iPhone (Files > iCloud Drive > Strongbox > Select Database > Share > Add People)

1. In Finder on your Mac you can open your iCloud Drive, you should see the Strongbox folder and inside your shared database file:
2.  Next you should Right-Click on that file and navigate to Share > Add People, it should look like this:


3. Now you will want to add the email address of the person you want to share with. This must be their Apple ID email that they use for iCloud. See below for an example. Here I share by copying a link, but you can send via email or Airdrop too.
4. That's it, now the person may need to accept your invite, but it should be very straightforward for them. They should just have to click a link. Once they've done this, the file will now be available in their iCloud Drive.

5. One problem here that could occur here is that the file will be placed in the root of their iCloud Drive. Here it won't be automatically detected by Strongbox. If this is the case, you should move their file into the native Strongbox folder in iCloud.

Once this is done, Strongbox will detect it on all their iOS devices. Any changes they make will be sync'ed back to both of your iClouds.

Jan 17, 2023