Getting Started

  • Getting Started with Strongbox

    We've created a handy guide to help you get started with Strongbox. Click here to check it out. You can also download the guide as a PDF.
  • Creating a New Database

    If you don’t already have a password database stored somewhere that you’d like to use, and you’d like to get started from scratch. Start here. Where Should I Store my Database? First you should decide where you would like to store your database. There are two main options: Store locally on dev...
  • Changing Your Master Password

    For the iOS app: Unlock your Database Tap Preferences (‘Gear’ icon in the bottom right corner) Tap 'Database Operations' Tap ‘Change Database Credentials’ For the Mac application: Go to the ‘Database’ menu item Click ‘Change Master Credentials’
  • How Do I Use Safari AutoFill on Mac?

    With the release of MacOS Big Sur Apple now provides a fully integrated way to fill in your passwords on different sites and App, all inside that App or site. There’s no need to switch to your Password Manager and Copy/Paste. Strongbox (as of 1.14.0) now integrates with Apple’s Password AutoFill ...
  • Can I open my database offline?

    Yes! Opening the database in the app is possible in the app! To do it, you should long-press the database and then "Open Offline" You should be able to access your database now, even without an Internet connection.
  • How can I disable iCloud Keychain, without disabling Strongbox?

    We receive this inquiry from time to time, and unfortunately, at the moment, this is a Safari bug/issue, and Strongbox cannot do anything to solve it. Apple Thread was created by one user bringing up this issue, and you can track and reply to it here -
  • How Do I Add Entries to My Database?

    On Your iPhone or iPad (iOS) 1. Unlock your database by tapping on it and entering your master password or using Face ID 2. You are now presented with all of your existing entries and groups 3. Tap the More (...) button in the upper-right corner of your screen 4. Tap New Entry at the top of the ...
  • How do I change the title of the KeePass Root Group or the title that appears when I open/unlock my database?

    The title that appears above your entries and groups when you first open your database in Strongbox is actually the title of the "Root Group" of your database. It is often something like "Database". Strongbox displays the groups and entries in the Root Group by default when you unlock your databa...
  • How do I get my TOTP Code when I AutoFill in Safari or other apps?

    TOTP codes are automatically copied to the clipboard when you use AutoFill, so just paste and go! Super easy!
  • How do I print my database?

    Printing your database is very straightforward in the app, and this feature is available on both macOS and iOS. On MacOS it's Unlock Database > File > Print Emergency Sheet. On iOS it's Unlock Database > Database Settings > Database Operations > Print.
  • How to Update a Local Database Stored on Your iOS Device

    If you store a local copy of your database on your iOS device, it will not automatically sync changes with your other devices. You may wish to update this local database with changes you've made on another device, whilst still preserving the settings you've selected for this database. There are ...