Which Version of Strongbox Should I Download?

Updated: July 2022 for Universal App Release

There are now 2 recommended 'Universal' Apps in the App Store that we recommend for all new users because they will work on both iOS and macOS with a single license:

Recommended Versions
Older macOS Standalone Versions

There are also on the macOS App Store the 2 previous Apps for our existing customers who upgrade before Strongbox Universal licensing was possible:

Freemium In App Purchase vs Outright Pro - What's the Difference?

These are actually two identical copies of Strongbox but they differ in the purchase method.

  • The Freemium version (allowing for a subscription based upgrade to Pro via In App Purchase)
  • The Outright Lifetime Pro version (where you purchase up front in the App Store)

Both offer the same Pro feature set and same update schedule. The only difference is that you pay upfront immediately for the Outright Purchase and the Icon has a cosmetic Pro tag on it (this is to fit in with Apple HIG/App Store guidelines). The reason for this is that sometimes business sometimes prefer to buy in volume upfront. Freemium is to allow users to use the limited feature set for free or upgrade easily via In-App Purchase whenever they want to. It is important to know which version you previous purchased, was it up front, or was it an In-App Purchase? Your Apple receipt should say.

Is there any difference on macOS between the new Universal Apps and the previous macOS Apps?

Zero. Absolutely None. Both apps will remain identical feature wise forever. They will receive updates and features on the same schedule forever. No difference. Apple unfortunately provides no way for us to merge the Apps so we have to support both, which we will continue to do.


Note 1: If you're not sure which version of Strongbox you have purchased you can click on the links above and you will be able to see in the App Store which one is available for you.
Note 2: If you have previously purchased one of the macOS only apps, then not to worry, you will continue receiving updates and features forever. In July of 2022, we made the required changes to Strongbox to be a 'Universal App' meaning it can run on both iOS and macOS platforms and so that is now our recommendation for new users
Note 3: You can change the icon if you like at any time.