Transfer Your Pro License to a New iPhone/iPad/Mac

Your license is connected to your Apple ID, so this is as simple as making sure that you are:

1. Signed in to your device with the correct Apple ID
2. Signed in to the App Store app on your device with the same and correct Apple ID

You'll then be download or upgrade Strongbox by following the appropriate instructions below.

If you purchased your license In App (Monthly, Yearly or Lifetime)

Strongbox may automatically detect this when it starts up, but you might need to give it a nudge. Simple go to the Upgrade screen and tap/click 'Restore Previous Purchase' or 'Already Purchased'.

If you purchased Strongbox Pro on the App Store (Outright Lifetime License)

You should be able to simply download Strongbox on the App Store (you'll see a cloud icon) and you're done.

  • Signing Out and back In to the App Store on your device and performing a full device restart usually fixes all issues.
  • You must be 100% certain that you are using the correct Apple ID for this to work, so check your purchase receipts carefully.

If you're still having trouble getting your Pro license to work, please check out our guide here.