What Do the Icons Next to My Database Mean?

Database Icon Examples

Occasionally we receive questions about little icons beside your database in the Database Manager, and what they signify. So we decided to give you an overview of each icon and what it represents in Strongbox:

  • Blue Rocket - This is a quick launch, it immediately launches your database when you open Strongbox to save you having to tap on it.
  • Green Globe - This is AutoFill Quick Launch - the same as above but only for when you open in AutoFill mode
  • Eye Glasses - This means the database is Read-Only
  • Orange Upload Arrow - This means there are local changes pending to be synced to remote storage
  • Blue Circular arrows - This means sync is in progress.
  • Red Circular arrows - This means there was an error trying to sync
  • Orange Circular arrows - This means user interaction is required to complete a sync