Clean Up or Reduce the Size of Your Database

We always recommend keeping your database as small as possible, this makes for faster syncs and unlocks. In particular we recommend keeping your database below 4MB or so. When you add attachments or many custom icons or FavIcons the size of your database can grow quite quickly.

Methods for Reducing Database Size

1. Strip Unused Icons

We have a dedicated article on cleaning up icons here.

2. Copy and Paste to a New Database

Another thing you can do is to remove cruft and historical entries and other metadata. This is a "fresh start" for your database and entries. To do this we recommend using Strongbox on your Mac. Then:

  1. Create a New Database
  2. Unlock your current database in another window or tab
  3. Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop all of your groups an entries from the current database to the brand new database.
  4. Use the new database as your current database, and backup the old one.

This should reduce the size of your database significantly.

May 5, 2023