Clean Up or Reduce the Size of Your Database

We always recommend keeping your database as small as possible, this makes for faster syncs and unlocks. Specifically, we recommend keeping your database below 4MB or so. When you add attachments or many custom icons or FavIcons the size of your database can grow quite quickly.

Methods for Reducing Database Size

Strip Unused Icons

We have a dedicated article on cleaning up icons here.

Copy and Paste to a New Database

Another thing you can do is to remove cruft and historical entries and other metadata. This is a "fresh start" for your database and entries. To do this we recommend using Strongbox on your Mac. The steps are:

  1. Create a new database
  2. Unlock your current database in another window or tab
  3. Copy and paste or drag and drop your entries from the current database to the new database
  4. Use the new database as your current database, and delete (or backup) the old one

It's also possible to do this on iOS. The steps are:

  1. Create a new database
  2. Go back to the list of databases and unlock your current database
  3. Select the entries to move (tap the three-dot menu in the top right of the screen and then tap Select Items)
  4. Select the entries to move (note that it's easier to move large numbers of entries if they're inside a group)
  5. Tap Export Item(s)
  6. Choose your new database
  7. Unlock the new database and confirm
Empty the Recycle Bin

Attachments and entries that you delete go to the Recycle Bin. Until you empty the Recycle Bin, they won't actually contribute to reducing the size of your database.

You can empty it by right-clicking it on Mac or long pressing it on iOS and selecting Empty Recycle Bin.

Delete Duplicate Entries

You can view all duplicated entries in Strongbox on Mac by selecting Duplicated under the Audit Issues heading in the left sidebar. On iOS, tap the search bar and then Audit Issues.

Archive Entries to Different Database Files

If you're currently storing all of your entries in a single database, you might want to consider splitting them across multiple databases instead.

For instance, if you have a group of entries that you rarely use, you could "archive" these by moving them to a different database. This means that your primary database is going to unlock and sync faster because it's not weighed down by entries that are rarely needed.

This would be particularly effective if you have a lot of attachments. In this case, you could even create a separate database just to store your attachments.

Make Sure That Compression Is Enabled

Strongbox uses gzip compression by default. It's worth checking that this is enabled in the Encryption Settings for your database, particularly if you have a lot of attachments.