Remove Duplicate or Old Copies of Entries From Your Safari AutoFill Suggestions (QuickType)

This can happen if you use more than one AutoFill enabled database on iOS (or use Safari AutoFill on macOS). Due to a deficiency in the API provided by Apple we can only do one of the following when telling the AutoFill system about entries/suggestions:

  • Add an entry suggestion
  • Clear all entries

If you only have one database with AutoFill enabled, we can safely clear all entries, and re-add the afresh every time you Unlock your database. However, if you have more than one database, Strongbox cannot clear entries, because it would not be able to re-add the entries from the other databases (they've not been unlocked!).

This is a less than ideal situation. The best thing to do is to either:

  • Use only one AutoFill enabled database
  • Regularly purge the AutoFill suggestions by toggling AutoFill off for all databases, then back on.

You can toggle AutoFill on or off for a database by simply going to:

Unlock Database > More > Database Settings > AutoFill Preferences