Use a Username/Password or Private Key for SFTP on iOS

Strongbox supports both Username and Password and Private Key authentication for your SFTP server.

Username/Password is very straightforward, simply enter them in the fields provided.

For a private key based authentication, you will need to point Strongbox at your key by locating it via the Files app when asked.

Some people like to copy the key directly into Strongbox documents folder instead of accessing it via the Files app. To copy the key file locally to Strongbox documents you have two main options:

  1. You can use iTunes File Sharing to copy the key from your laptop to the Strongbox documents folder
  2. You can use the iOS Files app and navigate your other apps/providers/drives, then select “Copy To” or “Open With” Strongbox

From here you can locate your key in Strongbox documents when asked or as mentioned above you can browse all your iOS documents if it is stored elsewhere.

Mar 4, 2024