Delete Favicons and Custom Icons

By default, Strongbox does not clean up or remove unused custom icons from databases. This is because many people like to have a set of custom icons in their databases that they can pick and choose from. However, some users prefer to keep things neat and tidy in regards to icons and also prefer their databases to have a smaller file size.

If you prefer to delete unused icons, follow our instructions below...

Delete or Strip Unused Icons

1. Go to Preferences > Advanced > Strip Unused Icons on Save - Switch/Check ON
2. Make sure that the icon is not referenced by any entry (see note below).
3. When you are sure that the custom icon is no longer referenced by any entry, simply save the database and Strongbox will remove the custom icon for you.

NB: Historical entries and Recycled entries

Custom icons can appear to be unused even when it is actually being used. If you have an entry that previously used an icon, and then changed the icon, the item will still have some history (by default the last 10 changes). In a similar way, recycled entries can still hold a reference to custom icons. These historical or recycled entries can make it so that they can’t be removed by Strongbox automatically.

Delete All Icons

To save as much space as possible, you can delete all or some of the icons you're using.

To strip out all of the icons from your database, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Strongbox app preferences
  2. Go to the Advanced tab
  3. Make sure that ‘Strip Unused Icons on Save is enabled
  4. Unlock your database
  5. Select All Entries in the left sidebar
  6. Select all the entries in the list (CMD + A)
  7. Right-click them and choose Set Icon
  8. Choose one of the icons from the options provided
  9. Save your database (CMD + S)

Of course, you don’t have to strip the icons from every entry. You could instead choose to only do this for a selection of the entries in your database.

And if you later decide to add favicons back, you can select the entries, right click and choose Find Favicon(s).