What Is the Best Way To Sync With iCloud?

There are two ways to access your databases on iCloud:

  • The Official Strongbox iCloud Folder (Recommended)
  • By using iOS Files to access your iCloud Drive

The recommended way is to use the official iCloud Strongbox folder. This is because sometimes iOS Files references can become stale and need to be re-added every now and then.

Using the official Strongbox iCloud folder
This is a dedicated folder and Strongbox will automatically detect and sync anything here. The folder should be in the root of your iCloud Drive with the Strongbox icon on it. If you don’t see it you can create it by adding a new iCloud database via Strongbox.

iCloud on Mac
Unfortunately at the moment Strongbox on Mac does not automatically add or detect your databases in the Strongbox iCloud Folder. You must add them manually by going to:

File > Open > Select 'Strongbox' under iCloud in the side bar > Select your database file.

Troubleshooting on iOS
iCloud can sometimes be disabled or unavailable on iOS. You must be signed in to iCloud on your iOS Device. This can be done under Settings. You can also enable or disable iCloud in Strongbox under Preferences (Gear icon).

Mar 4, 2024