Move Your Data From LastPass to Strongbox

Before You Get Started

Once you've exported your vault from LastPass, all of your data will be stored in plaintext. Anyone with access to these files will be able to read your passwords. Be careful where you store the exported file and delete it once you're finished.

LastPass vaults can only be exported as CSV files. This means that usernames, emails and passwords are exported, but many other types of data are not.

For instance, it’s not possible to export file attachments from your LastPass vault. That means that you need to manually download these attachments from LastPass and then add them to your KeePass database.

Unfortunately, the same goes for notes, custom fields, addresses and TOTP codes in LastPass. After you’ve imported your LastPass logins to a new KeePass database, you’ll need to go through and manually add these back in.

Step 1 - Export From

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your account
  3. At the bottom of the left hand column, click Advanced Options
  4. Under the Manage Your Vault heading, click Export
  5. Open the email from LastPass with the subject 'LastPass Security Notification: Verify export'
  6. Click the Continue export link in the email to go to another webpage
  7. Go back to your vault on and, once again, click Advanced Options > Export
  8. Enter your LastPass master password
  9. Locate the CSV file that is downloaded to your device (called 'download.csv)

For more detailed instructions see the guides on LastPass' website.

Step 2a - Import Using Strongbox on Mac

  1. Open Strongbox on your Mac
  2. Click File (in the menu bar) > Import > LastPass (CSV)...
  3. Locate and select the CSV file that you exported in Part 1 above. Strongbox will confirm the import was successful
  4. You now need to set a master password for your Strongbox database. This can be the same as your old LastPass master password if you like.
  5. Lastly, save your new Strongbox database either locally or on your favourite cloud drive
  6. Check your entries in Strongbox to make sure all of your data has been imported successfully
  7. Delete the CSV file that you had exported from LastPass

Step 2b - Import Using Strongbox on iPhone/iPad

  1. Move your CSV file into a location that can be accessed by your iPhone/iPad
  2. Open Strongbox on your iPhone or iPad
  3. Tap the plus symbol (+) in the top right of the screen
  4. Tap More
  5. Tap LastPass (CSV)...

Strongbox Import Options On iOS

6. Follow the instructions to create the new database
7. Check your entries in Strongbox to make sure all of your data has been imported successfully
8. Delete the CSV file that you had exported from LastPass

Step 3 – Add Missing Data

You should now have a KeePass database file that contains all of your logins from your old LastPass vault. The entries in your database will include usernames, emails and passwords, but not file attachments, notes, custom fields, addresses and TOTP codes. Unfortunately LastPass does not allow this extra data to be easily exported/imported.

You will need to go through your LastPass vault, manually download attachments and add them to entries in your KeePass database. And you can copy and paste any other information–such as notes and custom fields–that you would like to move across.

Feb 26, 2024