What Is “URL Smart Fill” Under “New Entry Defaults” on macOS?

New Entry Defaults allows you to customise the initial values of the fields like Title, Username, URL etc when you create a new entry. This is a time-saver and can be quite handy.

In order to access the New Entry Defaults, unlock your database, create a new entry and select New Entry Defaults (on Mac) or Configure Defaults (on iPhone/iPad).

New Entry Defaults on Mac.png

Within the New Entry Defaults preferences screen there is the option to use "URL Smart Fill" for the Title and URL field. If you choose this option, then, when creating a new entry, Strongbox will look at the clipboard and if it discovers a URL it will try to fill these fields in, in a smart way. For example, lets say you are in your favourite web browser and you come to a new website that you want to create a login for. Simply click on the Address bar and copy the URL, before popping over to Strongbox. When you get to Strongbox, click the "Create Entry" button or menu item and Strongbox will look at the clipboard. Once Strongbox recognises the URL in your clipboard it will fill the Title and URL fields in a unique way. Let's take a concrete example, let's say you go to:


Strongbox will initialize the title field with "Acme-Corporation" and the URL field with https://www.acme-corporation.com/login.