Are there any browser plugins for Strongbox?

On Mac (macOS)

Yes. There are plugins available for both Firefox and Chrome (and other Chromium based browsers) as well as native support in Safari. See below for details...


You can find the Strongbox AutoFill plugin for Firefox on the Mozilla Add-On Store here:

Chrome (and other Chromium based Browsers)

You can find the Strongbox AutoFill plugin for Firefox on the Chrome Web Store here:


On MacOS (Big Sur+), native Password AutoFill is now available on MacOS, and Strongbox fully supports this. See our help article here.
Note however, that so far only Safari has so far integrated into the system.
For Safari, we still recommend using the Apple native built in AutoFill, which Strongbox fully supports.

On iPhone or iPad (iOS)

On iOS native Password AutoFill is amazing, and so there is no need for a plugin, and none are planned here.

A footnote on Native Password AutoFill for Chrome and Firefox on MacOS

Unfortunately Chrome and Firefox are slow off the mark here in integrating with Apple Password AutoFill on MacOS. One of the best things we can do is pressure Chrome/Firefox...

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At the moment, the best way to use Firefox and Chrome with Strongbox is via the Browser Plugin linked above.

Jan 12, 2023