What Is Strongbox Zero?

Strongbox Zero is a stripped down, local Database only version of Strongbox designed for privacy conscious individuals who do not want or need some of the networking/remote storage features of Strongbox, and who are confident in their ability to manage local databases, backups and exports. Strongbox Zero also has the following features disabled, removed or compiled out:

  • Native SFTP
  • Native WebDAV
  • Native 3rd Party Storage Provider Integrations (This includes integrations with Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • Copy from URL support
  • Native iCloud Support
  • Transfer over WiFi/Local Network
  • Favicon Manager
  • Have I Been Pwned? (HIBP) Audit Feature

The remaining options for creating and adding databases just:

  • Local Device - (Databases directly stored in either a Strongbox private folder or in the public Strongbox Documents folder, as you prefer )
  • iOS Files - This allows Strongbox to use a "Bookmark" to reference external databases. Third party performance is very variable here.

You can find Strongbox Zero on the App Store here.

NB: We do not recommend this stripped down version of Strongbox for every user, as you may not get the full Strongbox experience. It is designed for Power Users who know what they're doing and what they want. We would have liked to offer this reduced level of functionality as a simple switch option within the regular App, but it isn't possible to have different binaries distributed on the App Store, so we created Strongbox Zero for the true fanatics, the brave indeed. :)

For regular or new users, we would highly recommend that you first checkout the Free version of Strongbox on the App Store here. You can try out all the Pro features for free for 3 months there too. If you like Strongbox and feel that local only is a good fit for you, then go for Strongbox Zero.