• Does Strongbox support KeePass Placeholders and Field References?

    Yes, Strongbox supports a subset of the available placeholders and field references. They are: {TITLE} {USERNAME} {URL} {URL:RMVSCM} {URL:SCM} {URL:HOST} {URL:PORT} {URL:PATH} {URL:QUERY} {URL:USERINFO} {URL:USERNAME} {URL:PASSWORD} {PASSWORD} {NOTES} {S:FieldName} {REF:@:} For a full reference ...
  • How do I completely remove/nuke all Strongbox settings on MacOS

    Sometimes Strongbox doesn't completely uninstall when deleted from the MacOS Applications folder. We believe it should but this is an Apple issue/design decision. If you'd like to completely clear all Strongbox preferences/settings then: Delete Strongbox from your Applications folder Open your f...
  • Is Strongbox compatible with other Password Safe formats?

    Yes, Strongbox is compatible with any application that supports version 3 of the Password Safe file format. You can find a list of clients for various platforms at the official Password Safe site here:
  • What is Strongbox's URL scheme and Bundle ID?

    Th URL Scheme is simply: strongbox and the Bundle ID is: com.markmcguill.strongbox (for purchasers of the Outright / Upfront / Non In-App Purchase editions) You may need this for Microsoft InTune or other purposes.
  • What version of Password Safe does Strongbox support?

    Strongbox supports version 3 of the Password Safe format. In particular it implements version 3.31, though not all features maybe supported or exposed in the UI. In particular Linked entries, Credit Card fields and other less used features are not supported, though Strongbox will respect that dat...
  • Where can I find the source code for Strongbox?

    Online at Github. Click here.