How Does Family Sharing work?

Once you have your Apple account setup for Family Sharing as described here you can share Strongbox with up to 5 other family members.

NB: You may also need to ensure that you have Family Sharing switched on for your subscription on your account. You can find this settings under:

  • Settings ‣ [Your Name] ‣ Subscriptions ‣ Strongbox ‣ Share with Family

How does Apple’s Family Sharing program work, how do I share?

You can find instructions and details on that on Apple’s website here. Instructions for sharing with a family member once you’ve installed Strongbox Family Sharing on your device are available here.

NB: You must look under Purchased Items as described in the article above, it won’t be possible to share just via a search in the App Store

Note: Family Sharing AND Purchase Sharing must be enabled on ALL devices.

Jan 11, 2023