Move Your Data From MiniKeePass to Strongbox

This is very straightforward if you still have MiniKeePass installed:

  1. Install Strongbox
  2. In MiniKeePass, unlock your database
  3. Tap the ‘Share‘ icon (square with arrow) in bottom toolbar
  4. Select ‘Copy to Strongbox
  5. You can choose to move that database to iCloud if you have iCloud enabled, otherwise you can choose to have it stored locally. If you store locally, remember to keep regular backups (you can export from Strongbox).

If you do not have MiniKeePass any more but have an iTunes Backup, it might be possible to extract a copy of your database from an iTunes Backup:

  1. Install and run iBackup Extractor (free version)
  2. In the drop down choose a backup that you believe has a copy of your database
  3. You might be asked enter your backup password here if you used one, please do so.
  4. Select ‘Files’ when presented with your backup contents
  5. Select ‘Documents’
  6. Browse to your KeePass database file (should have a kdb or kdbx extension)
  7. Now tap ‘Copy Selection’ and save the database to your device or onto your preferred cloud or server.
  8. You can now add that database to Strongbox.
Feb 26, 2024