How do I change the title of the KeePass Root Group or the title that appears when I open/unlock my database?

The title that appears above your entries and groups when you first open your database in Strongbox is actually the title of the "Root Group" of your database. It is often something like "Database". Strongbox displays the groups and entries in the Root Group by default when you unlock your database as displaying a single root group would be a waste of a click for you.

However sometimes you want to rename the root group or change that initial title. To do this simple:

  1. Search for the Root Group by searching for the name, usually "Database"
  2. Once you have located it (you'll notice the parent folder is called ) you can now long tap on it, as you would any other item.
  3. Long tap > Rename.

That's it!

Mar 25, 2021