Add or Export Databases From Strongbox Zero

Since Strongbox Zero does not have any built-in networking code, you might ask how do I get my databases into Zero. There are various options outlined below.


You can use the following methods to Add/Import your database:

  • iTunes / Apple File Sharing - connect your device to your Mac/PC and use File Sharing to transfer over USB.
  • Bluetooth or AirDrop your database to your iOS device and then access it via the Files app.
  • iOS Files app – Browse to your Database > tap the database file > tap Open In...
  • Within the Strongbox app – tap + > Add Existing > Files > browse to your database


You can export your Database from Strongbox by long tapping on your Database and choosing Export. This opens the standard iOS Share sheet, which allows you save your database to various other apps. including the Files app, email apps and messaging apps.

Encrypted Messaging Apps

It's possible to send your database to and from an iOS device using an encrypted messaging app, such as Signal. This isn't a local-only transfer, but it may still be sufficiently secure depending on your security needs.

To do this:

  1. Send the database file to yourself
  2. Select the database file on iOS and tap the Share icon
  3. Tap the Strongbox app icon

If the Strongbox app icon isn't displayed, you can enable it like so:

  1. Swipe the row of app icons all the way to the right, and tap More
  2. Tap Edit in the top right of the screen
  3. Enable Strongbox
  4. Tap Done in the top right of the screen

I have a NAS can I import/export to or from it?

If your NAS integrates into the iOS Files app, then you will be able to import a local copy via Files. You can also export using the standard iOS Share sheet. If your NAS shows up there you'll be able to export to your NAS. Regular interactive sync (i.e. online sync) is not supported. Strongbox Zero is specifically not designed to support this.